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If you are interested to bulk order as whole sale this page will be interesting for you.

Why Bulk order ?

There are many benefits for making bulk order. few of them are listed below

  1. Discounted rate.
  2. Customized economic shipping
  3. better customer support
  4. Able to order any products even currently not in our stock. (as most of our products are hand made, we have limited stock) for bulk order we design and manufacture them with our skilled designer and ship it fresh) which may take a little longer time than retail, based on volume of order and product selected.
  5. Unlike retail order which we only do in India, You can order from any country, We will export to your place.

How to start or become Culturoma wholesale partner ?

Its very simple you can fill in the form below, our team will contact you and enable you as wholesale buyer. You will then get a wholesale login and separate wholesale shop page for bulk order.


Alternatively you can sign up as wholesaler from our wholesale sign up page.

What is the minimum order value for whole sale ?

The minimum order value for whole sale is 40,000 INR (USD 550) , The shipping charges will be calculated on the basis of Weight and size of the product ordered.