‘Basanta Utsab’ (Holi) at Shatiniketan

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“If Winter comes , can Spring be far behind?” The poet was quite confirmed that after a bleak wintry dizziness Spring would emerge with positivity and liveliness . This 18th century romantic vision proves to be true in the present Covid situation as well. The freezing fangs of the pandemic have become heavy on us […]

Dhokra – bring home a story that makes India

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Dokra craft is characterized by its primitive simplicity , charming folk motifs , rustic beauty and imaginative designs and patterns .It is non ferrous metal casting using lost wax casting Technique. This sort of metal casting has been used in India for over 4000 years and is still used .One of the earliest known lost wax artefacts is dancing girl Marenjo Daro. The product of dokra artisans are in great demand in domestic and foreign markets because of primitive simplicity , enchanting folk motifs and forceful form

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